Who We Are (dev)

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3 Interesting Facts About Us…

  • Westbound Communications was founded in March 2003 with offices in Orange and Riverside. We use applied behavioral science to create and implement effective social marketing, branding, and public outreach campaigns.

    What does this mean for you: If you’re good with program measurement using metrics like circulation, impressions or number of likes, then fantastic; you’ll get it. However, if you need actual attitudinal or behavioral change from your target audiences toward your brand or cause, you can get that, too.

  • Our veteran team has a successful track record of building and supporting public reputations for our clients by providing strategic, integrated branding, marketing, advertising, public relations, web development, digital and social media, mobile marketing and community relations programs.

    What does this mean for you: You will be working with a team that’s worked together for a long time and has implemented just about every marketing approach there is, even the new stuff.

  • We support and work with nonprofit organizations, public entities, and corporate clients in Orange County, Southern California, across the Western U.S. (hence our name), and nationwide.

    What does this mean for you: You can achieve success in your marketing and communications programs, regardless of who your target audiences are or where they’re located.

Based in Southern California, our team holds a particularly firm understanding of the people and places in the 12 Western states.

Meet the Team