The Westbound Way

This is the way we roll. Rock 'n Roll, that is...

We have an agency-wide belief system that we call “The Westbound Way,” against which we measure how we interact with each other and anyone we encounter. It’s part “standards of excellence,” part “what we believe,” and part our DNA. It more than our brand, although our brand reflects this belief system.

If you visit our offices or meet one of our team members, here are ten qualities that you’re likely to sense:

  1. An attitude of gratitude for the opportunity to gainfully work
  2. A commitment to always do the right thing
  3. The courage of conviction – confidence, but not quite arrogance
  4. A natural curiosity and desire to learn that generates ideas
  5. A focus on our clients’ business, even to the point of being scrappy on their behalf
  6. A strong work ethic; no one “out works” us
  7. A stubborn persistence to solve challenges
  8. No-limits creative thinking borne of late-night a-ha moments
  9. A pervasive respect and support for our fellow team members
  10. A sense of humor from professionals who realize this stuff isn’t rocket science (unless your client is SpaceX), enjoy each other’s company, have fun, and don’t take themselves too seriously

Based in Southern California, our team know the people and places in the 12 Western states really well.

Meet the Team